Geiranger Fjord


I have visited Norway every summer except 1 since 1968 and travelled extensively from Bergen, through Western Norway and north to Kirkenes. In those visits I have been lucky to amass a large number of photographs of places that the average tourist does not see. In the early days many hours were spent walking in the mountains looking for plants. Why not hear one of the following talks?


A Traveller's Guide to the Scenery.


A Botanist in Norway

Having first visited Norway in 1968 the country so captivated me that I have been back every summer since 1970! During those trips I have travelled from Bergen throughout western Norway, the Jotunheimen and as far north as Lakselv in Finmark. My cameras have recorded the magnificence and majesty of the mountains, fjords and fjells with much of their vegetation in close-up.

In 'A Traveller's Guide to the Scenery' you will be presented with views that the average tourist does not see, as well as the more familiar sights. The journey starts in Bergen and can take in the Jotunheimen, Geiranger, Sykkylven, Aalesund, Romsdal or going further north Svartisen, the Arctic Circle and beyond. The talk can be tailor made for your particular needs.

On the other hand, for a botanical bias I suggest 'A Botanist in Norway'. During this talk you will see plants from sea level to the tops of mountains and the expanses of the tundra, share the experience of being on glaciers and seeing wonderful panoramic views. I hope that you will be fascinated, as am I, with the wealth of plants including gentians, orchids, mountain avens and wild fruits.


A few examples of photographs included in the talks are below.

Velladalen, Sykkylven

Troll Wall, Romsdalen

Kjenndal Glacier

Briksdal Glacier


IRW on the slopes of Finnan


Mountain Avens
Dryas octopetala)

Globe Flower
Trollius europaeus)

More pictures are to be found in the photo gallery    "Images from Norway"


If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the west of Norway then I can personally recommend the accommodation available at a farm just outside Åndalsnes owned by Lovise and Olav Jan Demdal. All the information can be found by following this link

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