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Do you belong to a  group that might have an interest in the flora of Norway, France, Italy or even South Africa? Do you want to know more about our poisonous plants? Do you want help with naming plants you find (in Europe)? Going on holiday to Norway/France/Italy/Cape Town/Western Cape and want to know where to look for flowers?

Geiranger Fjord from above Ljoen

Part of Cape Point Reserve

Crocus vernus


I have kept the overlap of species between the talks to a minimum so that you can see all the shows without undue repetition. Even where the same species have to appear in different talks then the photographs are not the same. There are also views of the countryside to put things more in context.

For further information and sample pictures please select one of the below:

1) A Botanist in Norway - see some of the plants from sea level to 6000' and from Bergen to beyond the Arctic Circle.

2) A Botanist in France  and France Revisited

3) A Botanist in Italy

4) A Botanist in Northern Spain

5) A Botanist in the Western Cape, South Africa

6) Help with the identification of flowers

7) Your speaker.

8) Photo galleries  Images from France
                               Images from Northern Spain

                               Images from Italy
                               Images from Norway
                               Images from the Western Cape, South Africa



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Ian Whitehead - your speaker.


I cannot really remember when I first became interested in wildlife, but it must have been from the age of about 7. Whilst at school I followed an interest in natural history with great passion and won many prizes. I also studied biology, chemistry and physics to A-level and then took a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University (specialising in botany). It was during this time that the interest in the biochemical side of toxins developed. It was also in my time at university that I first went to Norway with a project to date some terminal moraines in Western Norway (and I have returned each year since). After graduating I pursued a career in teaching, starting at Malvern College and ending as Head of Science in a large 11-18 comprehensive school before I took the opportunity of early retirement in 1996 which has enabled me to spend more time chasing down those species that had eluded me for many years.

The talks can last as long as you require, but normally come in two parts with a break in between and last 2 hours in total. Normally I use between 150 and 200 colour slides in a talk and am always willing to answer any questions that I can, or to find answers later.

I am based in Rugby but almost anywhere in the country is within reach, and I enjoy travelling to new venues.

Why not contact me for further information?


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All photographs are the copyright of Ian R.Whitehead and may not be used without written permission.

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